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The Kylie Experience

When Kylie was born seven years ago today, she was the first girl child in the family in half a century. We knew we were in for a different kind of adventure, but we couldn't have known where she would take us in her first seven years. Yes, she's different, but not just because she's a girl. She's also an original, totally unlike anyone but herself.

She has such a magnetic personality that she commands attention in any room she enters. She could do this without even trying, but she knows who she is and she works it masterfully. She will not be ignored. We can only hope that, as she grows older, she uses her powers for good.

Your eyes are drawn to her physical beauty, and that would be enough for some people. I think she takes her beauty for granted, and expects you to move on from there. It's easy, once you get to know her, to love her for who she is. Maybe she'll turn out to be a homecoming queen or head cheerleader in a couple of years. I kind of hope to see her as valedictorian. She's smart enough, that's for sure.

Let's not forget that right now, she's a seven-year-old girl with that whole future (and a lot more) in front of her. I don't want to spend too much time wondering where she might go and who she's going to become when it's so much fun to know her right here, right now.
18 December 2011


Happy birthday, Kylie. In fact, happy birthday month. September is all you, all the time.

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