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It's a good thing I got a full night's sleep last night (I really didn't), what with this being the opening Sunday of the NFL and the last day of the Giants-Dodgers three-game series. That's a lot to deal with, but I was up to it.

In fact, I had no trouble watching all nine early games at the same time. It's when the 49ers were playing the Packers in the afternoon that I started feeling the pressure. They took a big lead and then had to hold on at the end, but they pulled off the upset in Green Bay, where nobody pulls off an upset. It's good to start the season 1-0.

If I'd known they were going to win, I wouldn't have spent the whole game pacing around the house and trying to find something else to do. At least I got my daily exercise without having to fire up the treadmill. In fact, I was out wandering somewhere when the game ended and had to rewind the DVR to watch it.

To keep the same thing from happening while the Giants were playing, I muted the audio on ESPN and turned on the local radio station. The two broadcasts weren't in sync, and I found myself listening and not watching. So I decided to record the game on TV and turn it off and just listen.

Then I realized I could listen to the baseball game and watch the Sunday night football game at the same time. It was a bit disjointed, but at least the voices I was hearing were comforting and familiar. Football announcers tend to be shouters, and there's something irritating about baseball announcers who are ex-Dodgers calling Giants games.

The Giants shut out the Dodgers, 4-0, which overshadows everything else that happened today. I listened to the whole game, then watched the parts I wanted to see (including Buster Posey's home run). It's always good to hear Tony Bennett singing "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." They play that at the ballpark after every home win.


My goal for the first week in the football pool was to do well enough that I didn't drop out of contention. It's hard to pick week one winners, and I got eight of the thirteen games played today correct. That's not great, but it will keep me in the running, and I'll do better next week. I really needed the 49ers to beat the Packers, and they did. I was saved by last-minute wins by the Vikings, Eagles and Lions. I totally underestimated the Jets and Washington. The Steelers let me down, and not for the first time. Why do I keep thinking they're better than they are?

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