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Shopping Wars

Why is Tuesday a special day? Because it's marketing day. And why is Tuesday marketing day? Because Tuesday is the day I can get a free iTunes credit at the Starbucks next to the supermarket. I love Tuesdays, for the tunes and the lattes and the trip to my favorite store.

Yeah, only not so much lately. Lately my favorite store has become one of my least favorite places to go, and they did it to me again this week. They moved everything that hadn't already been moved into places that I would least expect to find them. The mustard, for example, that for two weeks was just inside the front door has now been moved back to where it was before the remodel started, and replaced by the bread aisle.

Obviously, just inside the door is the right place for the bread aisle. It must have been obvious to somebody, anyway, bread being such an impulse item and all. Or maybe they think they can draw you in with the bread and you'll have to come farther in to find the mustard.

Believe it or not, I found everything on my list, eventually. It didn't happen without a little more effort than I like to put into grocery shopping, and I had such a scowl on my face at the checkstand that the checker didn't even talk to me, beyond asking me how I was doing. "Fine," I told him, when "Don't get me started" is what I meant.

The only real problem I have with what they've done to the store so far is that the natural foods section is now in a black hole, the darkest part of the store with the narrowest aisles (and vertical columns blocking parts of two of those aisles). And today, some guy was camped out right in front of the gluten-free granola bars. I circled that aisle three or four times before abandoning my cart and walking past the guy. Nobody comes between me and my bars.


While I was stomping through the parking lot trying to come down from this ordeal, I had my first texting-while-walking experience. It didn't really work out, and eventually I had to find a wall to lean against to answer the text. Well, you live and learn. I'm not an accomplished texter anyway; no thumbs, all index fingers (or voice recognition, but not in a public place).

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