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Air Time

As you know, Sunday is the one day I reserve for myself. I can find all kinds of nothing to take up a Sunday, from sleeping late in the morning to planting myself in front of the TV all day watching whatever comes on. This time of year it's usually football, but I might give that up. I seem to have lost my mojo as far as picking winning teams. I picked more winners than losers today, in fact.

But I didn't watch any football today, at least not until the Sunday night game, which featured the local team. (The 49ers actually bucked the trend and beat the Lions to go 2-0.) I had NASCAR on the box most of the early part of the day, but I didn't see much of it while I was working away on payroll. I can usually get away with not doing that much work on a Sunday, but somehow this past week got away from me.

There's another way this Sunday was different. I actually left the house! Eric's team was playing their last baseball game of the season, and it was an afternoon game, and it was in town, so I had nothing keeping me from going except all that work and my own inertia. I managed to overcome both, and I'm glad I did.

Eric hit the ball and caught the ball and his team lost as usual, but it was the atmosphere of being at a ballgame that made it feel right. That, and the fact that all three of the little kids were there. Kat had brought Alex, Aiden and Kylie, and I had the chance to spend time with all of them.

Actually, I spent less time with Kylie, because there were other kids there and she managed to make them all her best friends within about fifteen minutes. And I didn't get to talk much to Aiden because he commandeered my cellphone and played games on it, when he wasn't chasing down the balls that were hit over the fence.

With Alex, you pretty much just watch him do his thing, because he always finds something interesting to look into (like the trash cans) or climb on (like the metal bleachers). He kept Kat pretty busy keeping his fingers out of the chain link fence. But I'm here to tell you, a good time was had by all.


However, the change in routine, along with the heavy doses of fresh air and sunshine, pretty much did me in. I was exhausted by the time I got home, and I still had payroll to finish. No excuses, it had to be done, so I did it. And even though I loved being out with the family this Sunday, I'm that much more likely to stay home as usual next Sunday. I only wish every week had two or three Sundays.

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