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For most of this day I was on the road, out and about, doing various errands and running all over town. I had told the Boss that I needed the afternoon to take my mom to a couple of appointments, and he was fine with it. I guess it was too much for him, though, because he called me at about 3:00 and asked when I would be back. I thought he'd lost my cell phone number, but apparently I was wrong.

And then later on this afternoon I was off to Kylie's soccer game. She gets better every game, and so does her team, but they still haven't won a game. Kylie came thisclose to scoring a goal today, though. That would have given them a 1-1 tie (instead of a 1-0 loss). It was hard to get it by the other team's goalie, though. She was a regular little Ms. Pac-Man out there.

Kylie and Aiden's two older brothers, D.J. and Dakota, were at the game for a few minutes. It's the first time I've seen them in a couple of years, and they're growing up well. I asked D.J. what was new, and he said he was in eighth grade (!). I told him I thought I already knew that. “Well, then, nothing's new,” he said. He was always a funny kid.

Tomorrow should be a slightly more conventional day, since I have no plans that will keep me from doing whatever it is the Boss needs. That should make him happy, which in turn should make the people around him happy. I'm always happy, as far as he knows. He's too twitchy on his own to have me adding to his anxiety. I'm the worrier in my family, but the anti-worrier at work. I don't know how that happened.

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