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This has been a disjointed week, to say the least, but I did have water all day today. It was unexpected, and now I'm starting to believe it's going to stay that way. I don't know what the landlord is doing, but he was around all day, so I have to assume he's working on a permanent solution. I even threw caution to the wind and did a load of laundry tonight. Yeah, that's what I call living on the edge.

While Suzanne is on vacation we are taking turns looking after her one-eyed cat, Sushi. Today was my day, and I dutifully showed up at the appointed place and time, only to find Eric and Alex already there. So I spent a few minutes with them instead of the cat. And don't tell Suzanne, but Alex and I played football in the house. That's what she gets for going away and trusting us.

Okay, it was a miniature ball, soft and squishy, and things didn't really get too far out of hand. His throws mostly go straight down, and I made sure either to hand the ball off to him or to get close enough that he could actually catch it. It didn't really matter to him, though. He was happy whether he caught the ball or not, and he certainly didn't care if I caught it. I only wish I'd had more time to spend there making him giggle.

But I had other stops to make, including the supermarket that has been making me so crazy for the last few weeks. To be honest, this trip was just as depressing until I found a note to customers posted near the checkstand.

The note apologized, which did me no good at all, but it also explained that the aisles wouldn't always be as narrow as they are now, and that all of this turmoil has a purpose. The cold boxes are going green, as is the lighting in the store. There will be new features, including a coffee shop (a bit unnecessary with Starbucks practically next door).

And there is an end date. They expect to be finished by early November. We'll see about that. Anyway, once I'd read the note, I forced a smile and decided that I wouldn't keep moaning and feeling bitter about shopping there. You'll note that I never stopped shopping there, even though I strongly considered it. (I really didn't.)


It was a relief just to have been able to make that shopping trip, no matter how much I was wishing for a place to lie down about halfway through. Afterward I could come home and get some work done and not worry about water for at least a day and try to live up to the uplifting message on the front of my shirt. My barista read it out loud as I was paying for my latte: "Life is good." I told her I needed to keep that message close so I don't forget it.

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