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Recovery Day

According to my weekly to-do list, Monday is the day I pay company bills. Thanks to the check that came in a week ago, I had enough to cover what I had to pay, for the first time in several weeks. Since this is the last Monday of the month, I also had all the month-end rents and loan payments and insurance bills to deal with, as well as the usual pile of whatever I was going to pay anyway.

It's good to have a routine on Mondays, because Mondays are hard enough to deal with. This wasn't a great weekend, and I sort of went off the deep end over some things that happened. I go off the deep end whenever things don't go according to plan, and I'd planned to go to Kylie's Saturday morning soccer game.

Little did I know that there were a million other people who got there before I did, and they used up all the available parking spaces. I drove around in circles for twenty minutes or so before I gave up and came home. That ordeal, along with the extra traffic you find on a Saturday around noon, set the tone for the weekend. I was actually glad to see Monday morning come for once.

Some People tried to spoil my Monday, but once I've made up my mind, I can usually manage to be productive. When I can, I like the break up the day into 45-minute podcasts that I listen to while I work. Then I take a quick breather before turning on another podcast. On Mondays, I sometimes listen to 90-minute podcasts, just to make sure I get all the bills paid. But then I just take longer breaks in between.


The Boss and his wayward son Tim tried their best to block my smooth path toward a good day. They didn't know they were doing it, of course, and they especially didn't know they were both doing it at the same time. But I managed to do their busywork while paying bills and keep everybody happy. Especially, and most importantly, myself.

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