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The moving of furniture that took place in my house this morning has its roots in a non-decision I didn't make months ago. That is, something just happened, and before I knew it my recliner was permanently situated about three feet in front of the big screen TV set. Let me try to explain why this happened without my making a decision to do it, if I possibly can.

At first, I would just move the chair a little closer to the TV at night when I was watching movies, and move it back either before I went to bed or first thing the next morning. Gradually, I would move it closer and closer, earlier and earlier in the day, until I was leaving it close to the TV full time, except when people were visiting. As soon as I knew someone was coming over, I'd move the recliner back where it should be and reclaim the rest of the space in my living room.

Then, one time, the inevitable occurred. David and the kids showed up and I didn't have the opportunity to move the chair. So I explained to him exactly what I'd done, and (as I knew he wouldn't) he didn't judge me for it. (Not out loud, anyway.) I think that was the last time anyone was in the house besides me anyway, so it stayed in that spot. Until this morning.

This morning I made the decision to move the chair back to its more sensible position at the back of the room. And what prompted this decision? Feng shui? Embarrassment at how the arrangement was making my priorities seem to be out of whack? No, none of the above, except as secondary factors.

Today, because I wanted to watch NASCAR on the TV and football and/or baseball on my iPad, and because I didn't want to drain the iPad battery down to 0% while using it all day, and because there isn't a convenient plug where I can connect the iPad anywhere near the spot by the TV, I moved the chair back to where I could plug in the iPad and watch it all day while also watching TV. So, you see, I'm not the least bit embarrassed about how my priorities appear to anyone. Obviously.

30 September 2012

Carpet indentations show where the recliner used to be.

Okay, here's one more reason. With the iPad working on showing me streaming sports programming, I couldn't use it to read the Sunday paper. I get a free home delivery, Sundays only, with my iPad subscription. So moving the chair back gave me room to spread out on the floor reading the paper while watching sports on two different devices (and following Twitter on my phone). This, I have to tell you, was a really good Sunday.

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