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Silver Linings

As much as you'd like me to shower you with complaints the way I did yesterday, I just can't, because today was much better. I sort of knew that would happen, because everything goes in cycles. We're even having our usual October hot spell, after a weirdly mild summer. I can take this heat, because I know in a month or so the rain will start. I don't like winter, or rain, or constant daily darkness, so I'm going to soak up the sun while I can.

Even the checker at my favorite market, the place in the midst of a constant forever remodeling project, mentioned the hot weather, and I was glad to see he agreed with me that it was totally acceptable and natural for this area at this time of year. The hot weather slows me down a little, maybe, but I'm all for it. I'm voting yes. I'm also leaving my doors and windows open all night. There's air in my house, the way there isn't in the wintertime.

The reason I'm so dedicated to getting my grocery shopping done on Tuesdays is that this is the day the coupons expire. And they're not real coupons any more. You accept them on line and then feed your card into the card reader and it gives you the discount. Last week one of the non-coupons was for free bananas, up to two pounds, and the checker told me I was a little light and entitled to one more banana, if I wanted it. But I know how many bananas I want. Just enough so that the last one is brown and mushy by the time I get to it.

The work load was a little easier than yesterday, too, but all that means is that I didn't get the time cards so couldn't do the payroll. I'm sure they'll show up over the fax at six in the morning, and I'll have to spend the whole day doing that tedious task. So for every bad day like yesterday I fully expect a good day like today, followed by whatever tomorrow brings (but my expectations are low). Still, the day will end with Kylie's soccer game, and the last baseball game of the regular season (both of which will force me to miss the debate), so, you know ... silver linings.


And finally, the icing on today's cake: In game 161 of a 162-game season, the Giants eliminated their archrivals from the playoffs. This isn't quite as sweet as winning the division, but it's close. Nothing makes a Giants fan happier than beating that blue team from down south. You know, the D**gers.

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