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Appreciative Audience

The lingering clouds only served as framework to a glorious November day in the North Bay. It was two years ago today that the Giants won their first World Series since 1954. It was four days ago that they won their second. And now comes the long winter of no games, but that doesn't mean no baseball. We talk about it still, all winter long. It used to be called the Hot Stove League, because instead of gathering at the ballpark people would gather at the general store and warm their hands as they considered the prospects for next season.

No need for hand warmers today, and no need to stoke the fire. It was shirtsleeve weather in November. I had the honor of escorting Mom and our friend Joan to the supermarket. I pushed the cart and read a few labels and made unwanted suggestions (all in good fun, of course). And yes, of course I let the Boss know what I was doing and he was totally on board. In fact, he told me that hearing me in a cheerful mood helped him through a difficult day. How about that?

The auditor who is coming here a week from Monday emailed me to confirm the appointment. I took advantage of the opportunity to let him know that, contrary to his requested digital format for the data he wanted to see, I would be giving him actual paper with the information printed thereon. This is a new guy, so I have to train him. I assured him I'd make everything as accessible as possible. What I didn't say was that if he found any errors, they would probably be his and not mine. That's kind of arrogant, and I want to come off as humble until actual arrogance is required.

That doesn't sound like me, does it? I'm not arrogant, but I'm usually fairly confident, right up until the night before the audit. Then I think of all the things that could go wrong, and all the things I could have done to make sure they went better. This guy is coming at nine o'clock on a Monday morning (he really doesn't know me at all). Once he gets here, there's nothing more I can do, but until that day I'll be doing whatever I can to make sure he can be out of here by noon. Fingers crossed.


Not today, though. This was too nice a day to worry, although it started with no running water in the house. I called the landlord and he fixed it. Again. This has been happening, and all I can do is roll with it. I'm getting better at that. I went to my own supermarket earlier this week with the attitude that I was going to push my cart up and down all the aisles, because they still keep moving everything on a daily basis.

When I realized, an hour or so into that shopping trip, that I had actually found everything on my list, I felt as if I'd won the lottery. I made that bemused comment to the bag girl, but she failed to laugh. I'm so used to telling jokes to imaginary people who appreciate them that on the few occasions when I'm out in public and ready to joke around, I expect the same reaction from real people. When it doesn't work out, I wonder whether I should get out more, or stay home more.

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