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Drying Out

First, the good news. (Wait. Let me think. Okay...) The sun came out today. It might be the only time we see it all week, but it did shine down on us most of the day, despite the brave attempt by the storm clouds to block it. Just this one day of sunshine is allowing the ground to dry up enough that I won't be up to my ankles in water if I try to walk across the back yard. Not that I have any particular reason to walk across the back yard.

Last night, though. Whoo! The wind and rain were so loud that they kept me awake through most of the night. It was kind of awesome and kind of freaky. The power went out a little before two o'clock and came back on a little after three. Naturally, I was still up when it went out, and all my electronic devices were running.

So I slept in the recliner for that hour, and I would have slept there comfortably (if coldly) all night if power hadn't been restored. When it was, I spent half an hour resetting all the clocks and making sure the computer shut down properly. I had to wait for the satellite receiver to restart, a procedure which takes several minutes. Then I turned it off and went to bed and listened to the storm.

As usual on Sunday, I slept most of the morning away, but I needed to make up for the bad night. I'm okay with missing Sunday morning. I'm okay with missing just about any morning, but I can't get away with it during the week.
2 Dec 2012

Storm damage.

It wasn't until early in the afternoon, then, that I looked out and saw that the storm had blown down a section of fence outside the front door. I went outside and looked around for more damage, but that was it. I tried to stand the fence back up, but that didn't work, so I dragged the section out of the driveway and around into the yard, out of the way. That hurt my back a little, but I'll be okay. Unless I have to lift any more fences any time soon, that is.

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