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About ninety percent of the time, I don't even feel any of the symptoms I described in the last entry. Okay, eighty percent. Seventy? Anyway, most of the time I've fine and can forget that I've been going through this ordeal. That's why I'm still waiting to decide what, if anything, to do about it. I do appreciate all the advice and believe me, I take it all to heart.

The worst moment over the last week or so since this started was in the middle of the night. At about 6:00 am (to me that's the middle of the night), I rolled over in bed onto my right arm, and I immediately shot straight up into the air as if I'd been hit by a stray bullet. If it hadn't been the middle of the night, I might have taken that as a sign that I need to get the problem taken care of.

Somehow I got through that, though, and got back to sleep. I must have turned wrong, rather than landed wrong, because I was lying on that arm after I went to bed. Lying on that arm and reading a book on the Kindle app on my iPhone. That's the way I wind down at night. When my eyes get too heavy to read, I stick the phone in the bedside speaker-charger and listen to something non-stimulating. I have ever so many apps that fill that need.

This being the middle day of a three-day holiday weekend, naturally I spent most of the afternoon working. Just because it will be a four-day work week doesn't mean there's any less work to do. There might even be more, since the end of the month is coming up Friday. Besides all that, working on the weekend when no one else is working makes it easier to keep the flow going, since it's less likely I'll be interrupted.

So, where was I? The cheater's risotto I made tonight was a good test for my arm, because it requires vigorous stirring. Not twenty minutes of vigorous stirring, like regular (real) risotto. This one goes in the oven and has to be stirred vigorously for three minutes after it comes out. And it's almost as good as real (regular) risotto. I know, because I've made both, although in my current condition the faux risotto with less stirring time is all I'll be attempting for now.


Baseball: As you know, the Giants have a reputation as a team that relies on pitching, plus just (barely) enough hitting to stay on top of the standings. This year, the starting pitching has been a little erratic, but the hitters have stepped up and kept the team above water. Today they had their ace, Matt Cain, pitching against the Rockies, and he almost didn't get through the first inning. By the time he left after five, he had given up two runs on just two hits, and the team had struggled to a 2-2 tie. But they scored five more runs over the next two innings and won it, 7-3, to stay in a tie for first place.

Coming from behind is one of the traits of a team fueled by confidence. If you always believe you can come back, very often you can make it happen. (Should I warn you whenever I'm going to use baseball as a metaphor for life?)

Mad Men: As usual, Don can close the deal, but when it comes to putting in the actual work, he loses interest, whether it's advertising or relationships. Betty and Peggy both know that about him, better than anyone else. But Megan is learning fast, and now so is Ted.


By the way, the risotto also requires bending over to lift a heavy, full Dutch oven into and out of a hot oven, while reaching over the opened oven door at an awkward angle and using oven mitts to keep from, you know, third degree burns or whatever. And I managed all that without doing any further damage, so I guess I'm pretty pleased with that.

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