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Spring just kind of sneaked up on us, what with all the late rain and weird storms, but now that it's almost over I'm starting to notice. I usually remember to check the oak trees, especially, every year. There has been so much oak death in this area that I'm always cheered when they come back to life, full and green.

It's green all around me these days, out here in the wilderness. And there's more green than I even want. It's growing through the porch boards, and peeking through the mulch in the yard that was mowed less than a month ago. I'm going to have to take one of the cooler evenings and run the mower over it, before I have to pay big bucks to the yard guy again.

In another week it will be summer. There have been days this spring that felt like summer, but there have also been days that felt like winter. What summer used to mean in the North Bay was simple: two or three days of sunshine followed by one or two days of fog and overcast. Never too hot, never too cold. That's one reason we choose to live here without thinking about moving to a better place. I'm pretty sure there isn't one.

View from my back porch across late afternoon shadows.

Baseball: A year ago today, Matt Cain threw the first perfect game in Giants history. He wasn't quite perfect tonight, but he did get a 10-0 win in Pittsburgh to salvage the last game of the series. That's a good note on which to move on to Atlanta, where pickins can be slim for this team. The Giants also jettisoned some older players and brought up some newbies to try to breathe life into the team. The new guys didn't play tonight, but maybe their energy helped.

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