A "G-Rated Journal" That Even My Mother Can Read (because she does!)

Effervescence is a state of mind. It's about choosing to bring sunshine to the day.
Every person I meet matters.

If it's written down, I know it (If it's not written down, I don't know it)
If it's color-coded, I understand it (If it's not color-coded, I don't understand it)

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Daddy-do and me, 2010

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A bit of back-dated thoughts

Some notes I had in my PDA, for posting to my journal:

Fri Apr 19, continued - Dinner with Adrienne was wonderful fun. I stopped off at a local Deli/Bakery/Restaurant that specializes in a typical New York Jewish deli menu, and picked up challah for Sabbath. So Adrienne and I lit candles, shared the bread and the wine (or in this case, grape juice), and then enjoyed tucking in to a big ol' pizza to celebrate enjoying leavened bread after Passover. We hadn't intended to spend a long night together, but we got to chatting and enjoying each other's company, that I probably left around 11 pm.

Sat Apr 20 - Not the best use of my time, staying out that late, because I still had laundry to do (no clean costuming for classes!) and packing for our weekend in San Bernardino. So at 6:30 am I was leaving for the laundromat. Laundry done, run home, pack a quick weekend bag plus the crafts I needed for classes, some lunch potluck items, and hit the road. Fortunately for me, my first class turned out to be cancelled so being an hour late to my 2-hour class was not longer an issue. The classes I *did* attend on Saturday were quite fun: I re-learned my knitting skills, and got some really good information about how to read a knitting chart. Then the household relaxed on the grass for lunch together, and off to more classes. The period hair class had, by far, the best handout I've ever received in any class. I've stored the handout in my hair-pieces bag, so that I can use it in the future when people need me to fix their braids and veils at events. Class #3... Finally, eight of us went out for dinner at a local Italian restaurant that had *amazingly* good food, and off to the hotel. The hotel made a mistake and gave us an upgrade to two rooms with 2 queen-sized beds (as opposed to one double room, one single king) which turned out quite nice since two people decided to join us overnight, on the spur of the moment. So we all got to pay a little less for our rooms, and we had more people to watch bad Sci-Fi and bad Japanese cooking shows together.

Sun Apr 21 - We all had a nice, although somewhat quick, breakfast together and then back to the high school where we were holding the classes. My roomie was teaching a course on Basic Hats and Headdresses, which went *really* well.

Thu Apr 25 - What a funny morning! I'd taken my laundry off early, to get the washing done before work. The wash was done, and I picked up quarters and my keys to go swap the clothes into the dryer. But somehow I was juggling tasks and objects, set down my keys when I set down my PDA and keyboard, and forgot the keys when I left the car. Yup, I locked the car door out of habit and gasped as I realized what I'd just done. My keys were locked inside the car, my coffee was in the car, my extra key was locked inside the car, and did I mention my COFFEE was locked inside? *laughs* But my cellphone was clipped to my belt. So I rang up Triple A, went in and swapped the laundry into the dryer, and then just waited. Bless them, they arrived in barely ten minutes. So I'm comfortably listening to the radio again, typing this journal entry on my PDA, and sipping my still hot coffee. It's a good day!

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