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Every person I meet matters.

If it's written down, I know it (If it's not written down, I don't know it)
If it's color-coded, I understand it (If it's not color-coded, I don't understand it)

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Daddy-do and me, 2010

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Bog Prep and the Grand 2-Year Plan

Pentathlon 2009 Bog Prep -
Preparation -- Lots of images of the tiny artifacts *IN* the bog

The Grand Two Year Plan - The first thought I always have after our Pentathlon event, every two years, is "If I start now, I'll have 24-months to complete my work for next Pentathlon." It was either 1995 or 1997 when I first participated with a team. Darachshire entered a team pentathlon, and EVERY two years I have the same thought. "If I start now...." I'm doing it this time -- totally doing a full 24-month project for Pentathlon!

But, that having been vowed (hee hee,) you'll remember from yesterday's post that I included some graphic representations of my brainstorming. Why not take this idea and mold it into a full lifestyle approach? And so that's how I came up with "What can I do with my life in 24 easy-to-manage one-month portions?" If I'm going to apply effort at long-range planning and short-term organization to my artistic pursuits, why not make certain that it fits how I'd like to live my life in general?

So that's how I started examining the idea of a multi-pronged attack to life: Map out some major life goals, and how you'd like them to look over a two-year span. Then chop that up into one-month portions, and plan how you would achieve monthly goals in each major area of emphasis.

My key four areas are (a) Weight, Exercise, Food, and Health; (b) Finances, Savings, Debt, and money organization; (c) Home, Cleanliness, Clutter, Relationships, Correspondence; and (d) Artistic Achievements like building a portfolio of my best work in Bardic arts, Spinning, Calligraphy (a speciality niche pursuit), Pentathlon itself, and all Costuming pursuits.

These are all major concerns in my life, and so they all deserve my attention. And my big-picture idea from the charts yesterday (glad you like them, Aliskye!), is to get a sense of some overall pursuits, a way to easily represent goals and achievements, and with color-coding I can then "award myself a gold star" (or name the appropriate color) when I've accomplished something I feel good about. Yesterday, I noted a simple "planning" star on my notes, which is outside all the finished projects I have in mind. But I just want to have fun with note-taking, and not get caught up in tons of statistics and tracking systems, elaborate social networking for support with other folks, etc. I just want to (1) Dream, (2) Plan, (3) Do, and (4) Celebrate. That's my idea!

Just Pentathlon Thoughts - So here's today's brainstorming about Pentathlon, specifically the categories I'm likely to try, the ones I plan to MAKE myself complete, and just get a sense of where I'm starting from at the beginning of the first month.

I'm sure I'll have more to say over the next "twenty-four easy-to-manage one month portions" but here's a peek at my brain today.

Based on:

* Visual Arts
1.1.0 - Calligraphy - LIKELY (esp Hebrew calligraphy)
1.2.0 - Illumination - LIKELY (esp Hebrew illumination in mss)
1.6.1 - Use of device or badge on garb - possible, not sure
1.7.0 - Woodcarving - interesting, something I've never tried
1.9.5 - Stamped coins - always been interested

* Culinary Arts
2.12.0 - Breads - possible... I'm just not interested in food research very much, but I might find I like something after I dig into the research

* Performance Arts
3.24.0 - Dramatic Reading - possible, did this year
3.25.0 - Vocal Performance - MUST DO
3.26.0 - Instrumental Performance - possible, would stretch my skills

* Fiber Arts
4.32.1 - Costume Review - possible, would really love to try
4.32.2 - Costume Construction - MUST DO, really must push myself
4.32.3 - Period Construction - likely, depending on whether my 4.32 entry is hand-done completely or not
... would really love to do one of the late gowns, with hand-stamped spangles and embroidery
4.32.5 - Accessories - possible (esp bag with tassles)
4.34.0 - Spinning - MUST DO (likely "an artisan's portfolio")
4.35.2 - Surface Embroidery - likely (esp the embroidery on a gown)
4.37.0 - Dyeing - MUST DO (research paper and results called "So what do we mean by "red" anyways?")

[NOTE: Numbering is off from here on, since they added 4.37.0 -- 5.37 should 5.38, etc. I made a note on the Caidan wiki page.]

* Functional Arts
5.37.1 - Shoes - MUST DO (likely cute yellow shoes and/or the cutwork shoes from the Black Prince, likely making several pairs of shoes over the next 2 years)
5.42.0 - Musical Instruments - possible, not sure which one I would do (5.42.1 String, 5.42.3 Percussion likely)
5.47.4 - Fiber Arts tools - very likely

* Compositional Arts
6.48.0 - Research Paper - possible, based on the other projects
6.49.0 - How-to Paper - possible, based on the other projects
6.51.0 - Poetry - MUST DO, since I enjoyed my "Blue Knight" composition so much this year
6.52.0 - Song - likely do, but really must do music history research to complete

* * * * *

Today's Blessing That I'm Thankful For: Prep time

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