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My Project Lists

Things I want to be working on or working towards

Updated Monday May 4, 2009

Gracious, this list was sorely neglected for over eight months. Well, now that I'm doing my "What Can I Do With My Life In Two Years, In 24 Easy-To-Manage One Month Portions" project, here's some new notes.

  • Bardic: A portfolio of all my SCA compositions
  • Bardic: An updated book of the "Music of the Lyon Bards"
  • Bardic: A shorter, light-weight, warm-weather capelet for Regalia for the Bard of Caid (likely part of Pentathlon 2011)

  • Pentathlon: Textiles tools - The cardweaving frame
  • Pentathlon: Spinning - Master Portfolio
  • Pentathlon: Music Composition - Master Portfolio
  • Pentathlon: Embroidery - Cotehardie
  • Pentathlon: Illumination - Hebrew illumination
  • Pentathlon: Leatherworking - shoes
  • Pentathlon: Musical notation - Research paper: medieval western, hebrew trope, etc.
  • Costuming: Shirts promised to Cesare; Move the buttons on Cesare's blue linen pants (all due by Potrero)

  • SCA Equipment: New walls for my dayshade, in gold and black

  • Home Crafts: Knitting sample squares for war-blanket (on hold)
  • Home Crafts: Spinning: The color project with the wool from Seelie (on hold)
  • Home Crafts: Spinning: Bamboo Exchange project (MOVE UP: Urgent completion)

  • House Improvement: Cull the fabric stash

  • House Improvement: Two IKEO bookcases for living room

  • Photo Projects: Faizeh's photos on CD (Move up: Potrero deadline?)

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