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My Blessings
In my journal, I started closing my entries with "Today's Blessing I'm Thankful For." Along the way, it dawned on me that I might want to put all my Blessings in one list (reverse chron order). Enjoy.

  • Rain, relaxation, and free latte
  • Aliskye
  • Best darn Quidditch team EVAR!
  • Old college friends, finding me on the internet
  • The veterans in my life
  • Friends who are able to carry on rational conversations
  • Skills and Motivation to learn new skills
  • Feeling proud to be an American
  • Living in this country
  • Rebecca, Gayle, Eowyn, Tonwen, Angelina, Luta, and Gareth
  • My roomie, for her awesome parties
  • My new favorite car guy, of course!
  • My car!!!
  • Eowyn, You're a wonderful inspiration to me.
  • My newest friends at SCA_Fiber_Arts on LJ. You astonish me.
  • Fantastic new friends from a very small world: Sean (Ian's brother, and Ianuk/Ivan's predecessor); getting to see Kissa and Gunnar more; getting to know Fearghus better; meeting Yon and Keg's End; Sir Mathius and his squires in 3DC; meeting "gurdymonkey" and the Bard of the West; witnessing Kelebek's Laureling.
  • Right thinking after sleep
  • Making priorities and following through.
  • The time to keep making resolutions. When it's all over, it's too late to start then. Act now, avoid regrets.
  • I suppose I should be very thankful my car runs, runs well, and I'm in good health. It's hard to remember to be thankful at the moment, so I'm trying extra hard.
  • Sanndy and Lynn, whom I miss and haven't seen in a while. I should write or call.
  • New friends, like Eric's roomie Jeff
  • Noah and Karen, for making me feeling like family
  • My long-suffering roommate, who puts up with my clutter because she's agonizing over her own clutter
  • Donal, Gulliver, and Robyn
  • The folks who contributed to my photo album: Avenel, Oliver, Kolfinna, Lorissa, Kara, and Caius; plus photos from out-of-kingdom from Liam St. Liam, Skorri Einarsson, Alaxandr MacLochloinn, and my dear friend Ianuk Raventhorne, Baroness in Barony of Tir Ysgithr, Atenveldt
  • Patti (at CTG), for being so efficient and easy to work with
  • New observations, new motivation.
  • Rae. I missed you too, and hanging out last night was perfect.
  • Having known Twisted Ruth, even so briefly. Spin well in heaven, my dear.
  • Tonwen. Because.
  • Teffan
  • Daniel -- I'll miss joking around with you at work
  • Adam and Jonathan, for belief in me and hiring me
  • Employment
  • Amy and Mora -- You are sunshine in my days
  • Mark, I'm so glad to be carpooling with you!
  • Arye (my pet) and Bébhinn (my selkie)
  • Sean and Guiseppe
  • Julie, Judy, and Linda
  • Tracy
  • Arye and Amya
  • Jason and all his wonderful friends
  • Benjamin Maurice
  • All my patient friends and family, waiting on my photos
  • Brad
  • Rabbi Laibson, for being so darn cool
  • Ben is my stand-out hero this week, but mostly I'm thankful to be able to share my music with the people of Caid, and especially for Starkhafn; For Al
  • Ben and Leo and Bill
  • An amazing kingdom: Long Live Caid!
  • Momentum and Organization
  • The hope of extended employment!
  • Lorene, You are my hero, dearest
  • Greg D and Craig C
  • The friends who helped and inspired me for Bard of Caid
  • Rain is back!
  • 2007
  • Eric and Lisa
  • Surprises and the sweetness of strangers
  • Mark, the musician at the museum
  • Shava
  • Nathan
  • Fun interview people
  • Wade
  • Old friends and warm visits
  • Patrick and Mark
  • Yoichi
  • Enid (Sarah)
  • Kim
  • Patrick and Brenda
  • Audrey, and the linen project
  • All my knitting buddies
  • Thomas
  • Yosef
  • Kim
  • Chris Clark
  • Hard-working firefighters and media members
  • Nathaniel
  • Lisa (Ada)
  • Considerate friends
  • Thomas and Angelina
  • Eliada and Soraya
  • Thea, Thomas, and Kelsey
  • Dan (Danny)
  • Jon Thomme
  • Dylan
  • 39 amazing years so far
  • Rick
  • Ciarlasse and Riordan
  • Amya (Kimi)
  • All those whom I love
  • Mel, bug rescue-er
  • Life
  • Rain
  • Having Many Friends
  • Natalya
  • Richard, and Uta
  • Bill
  • Dan (Thorfin)
  • Scott
  • Rae
  • Shoshana
  • Ken M (Silk)
  • Adjin
  • Ismay and Thomasina
  • Amy, Lisa, and Catherine
  • Cloudia and Wolt
  • Arye
  • A wonderful new boss
  • Sylverstone, Howitzer, Genevieve, and Isabella -- Our Heroes!
  • Saul, my best friend
  • My sparkle-givers
  • Ceridwen
  • New friends like Jenn and Jencie
  • Another morning, another month, another chance to keep living
  • Lorccán, Cormac, and Mateo
  • Cormac, Mary, Acacia, Chiron, and especially Lorccán
  • Liz, Melissa, and Saul
  • Professional Organizers and their handy-dandy reference lists
  • A wonderful 2006
  • Kris/Edric & Jill/Faizeh
  • Tonwen/Rae
  • PJ, Mark, Aryn, Kim, Andrew, and Jeff
  • Melissa/Meala
  • My SCA Hawaii friends, including: Daven, Meadhbh & Aberhardt & Ryan, Sister Carol & Emilio, Kolfinna & Sven, Uta & Meya & Theo, Emrys, Richard, Valeran, Naj'mun, Rosamund, Shakira, Anton, Duibhesa, Maru & Christal, Claudius, Ty, Lucius, Njall, Phelan, Roger, Elias, Cambell, Valerie & Conan & Hannah & Jacob, Joe & Jacob & Luke, Harold, Maria, Plum & Rose & the new twins
  • Caterine and Emrys
  • Betty and Khalida
  • Sara
  • Greg and Craig, from church
  • Neil Savaadra
  • Tonwen
  • Jim and Thea
  • Kristin
  • Alan/Mordecai
  • Shava
  • Northshield
  • Teffan
  • Natalya/Nancy and Iuliana/Lynn
  • Natalya
  • Jessica and Craig
  • the health and energy to do what I do
  • Lynn
  • Pamela (Zorn) [with hugs to Alex] and Eric (Marcos)
  • Adrienne and Jeff
  • friends who believe in me
  • Adrienne
  • Theresa, Lynn, and Saul []
  • Yvonne
  • Eric Mosher
  • friends encouraging me in weight loss
  • Gauge
  • Dayle and Ken
  • Sarah and David [guests at Passover]
  • Eric/Marcos
  • Hope
  • Patient and loving friends: Lot & Cat, Saul, Ben & Erika, Bill & Lynn, Dayle & Ken, Mina, Noah & Karen, among others
  • Uncle Luke, and the years I was priviledged to know him
  • Ceri and David
  • Alumni associations
  • Alan and Jeff
  • Wilhelm
  • this family I call the SCA
  • Jade, congrats to Michelle's graduation from the Marine Corps
  • White Star
  • Sanity and the ability to walk away from insanity choices
  • Podcasts
  • Lot, Rigo, Mateo, Michael, Gauge, Raphael, Diego, Marcos, Mina, Lilya, Jude, and Amya; Plus I'm fond of folks like Mariam, Angie, Gina, all six kids (Sam, you're my rock star), Justin, Moira, all the college kids in Isles, True, Rhaeflaed, Belesset, Denewulf, Domnhall, Beathog, Heather Dale, the Whiskey Bards, and everyone who made the Bardic shows possible, Sorcha, the event staff of Estrella, new friends like Gaylin, old friends like Kyle, and everyone who made this week possible
  • The ability to be there for friends who are like family. And friends like Lynn and Bill
  • finding $10 in my pocket (hee hee)
  • Adrienne
  • The patience of all my lovely friends and family who've been wondering why I haven't written in my journal lately
  • Noah and Karen
  • Joan and Luke, Russell and Andrew (and extended family)
  • Larry and Becky, Charlotte and Cameron
  • Betty, Chuck, Ben, and Jenny
  • Incredible friends & partners in so many life: work, hobbies, family, just everywhere!
  • Mom and Larry: She's home safe from Jordan, he's safe after having had a stroke
  • Craigor
  • Bjo
  • Theresa
  • Grandad and Joyce
  • Darren & Janice
  • Mom, inspirational/organizational friends like Dayle, Hope, Ismay, Elyramere, Tina, Lynn and online writers like the Yarn Harlot, or the journals of friends like Eowyn and Guiseppe; & my roomie Mel
  • All our veterans, all my friends and family who have served Mel
  • Mom and Larry
  • A well-running car; The right to vote; The finances to be able to afford gasoline, and to afford to keep my car in good repair; And caffeine
  • Old college friends that I can remember fondly, like Fig
  • My Band, for helping me keep another part of the music in my life alive, and so darn fun
  • Mom
  • Doris
  • Jade
  • Lev and Gayle
  • Jan and Brad, Megan and Kara
  • Saul
  • Brian and Morgana
  • Hope and Bob
  • Dayle and Ken

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