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Old Year Out.

Well, at least I am ending the year with a high note. I have made it into work. Bet you didn't see that one coming! My boss is here today too. At least I am not alone in the office which is nice.

DH didn't let me do anything this weekend. Well, Saturday, I didn't have a choice. My body was in sleep mode. I slept 10 hours Friday night. Then went back for another 3 hour nap. I was falling asleep mid-sentence! Not very pleasant for either of us. This is the one thing that DH is having a hard time getting use to. And so am I. I can get lots of sleep, but, if I have worked lots of hours outside the home, my body needs more than normal amounts of sleep eventually. It is the worse thing; and really eats up the weekend.

I told my boss that I am planning on coming in Wednesday, however, my body is already showing the signs of stress from working. The pain is ramping up.

We watched the remake of the movie "Recall". I didn't really like the original, but my DH had wanted the original and I bought it for him for Christmas. It is a good movie, much better acting than the original. Surprised make you jump, twists in plot, and enough action for anyone.

Yesterday we watched the Disney movie "Brave". It is a good movie, and it may have come from a tale, but not from one of the usual fairy tales. For once the Princess is not a 'miss perfect', and she makes mistakes that hurt others. Only at the end does she learn from it. No marriage and happily ever after type of fairy tale story is this one. Thank goodness. This is a story that I would want my young female offspring to see-if I had any. Good message at the end. And it is good for parents to see too. Good message for them as well.

DH received a message from Denise Co. about the needle and Hooks. They were shipped Saturday!! Even though the company itself is closed until 1/2/13. So, I should be receiving them anyday. I cannot wait!!

We watched one other movie, the fourth in the Bourne series. (and hopefully the last.) However, in the first part of the movie, the hero goes to a compatriot in a cabin. That person is wearing a sweater very similiar to the one I will be making for DH!! I had to look at it 4 times to make sure, but all the cables and twists are there. I don't know if the sleeves were exactly the same, but it is real close. I had to rip out the one I started because I ran out of yarn and the company no longer makes the same color at all. Next time I am buying all of it at once. So I am saving up for it, $200 approx.

Well, I will be posting later. Take care.

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