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Carded and serenaded.

I remember the price was 94 cents, and surprising, but it was the source I was after anyway. A wheels-down airport coming under the stabilizers Dan had visited the San Fernando Mission gift store during the initial days of practically being retired. A dear friend had just lost, with Christmas approaching, a parent and I recalled, according to Mom, the store had really good Catholic cards. For the surprising price a gesture as much as I could make.

Mom has always been annoyed "people don't [tend to] send Easter cards". So I came to said gift shop for one. Cards are not their major commodity, the reader has figured, and no Easter ones were found. It was more of a specialty thing, especially ordination congratulations.

Yes, the "battle cry" has been dictated to my, as they say in the consciousness biz, tapes: If only these ***really*** moved in our times. Oops, Mom again: How about a certain son who never took up his chance to be a magnet for these.

Uh, okay, back in Blue Bossa to cross the Valley. Out of the parking lot I turned the possibly blasphemous KCSN back on and here was Billy Bragg in a live interview. After a joke about being a commie/atheist/pinko he played, live, the song he wrote for a collection commissioned for the anniversary of King James Version.

Gosh, he, preambled, what could a Billy Bragg do with this? A tribute to the Golden Rule, "From Luke, [he supposes]," (needed a rhyme!)something which applies to all. And then he warmed up in the ensuing talk portion. How he can't be absolutely hard line, though plenty of fundamentalists ride rough shod over the Golden Rule, after listening to Mahalia Jackson and his respect for those of faith who worked for the poor and abused. And his bit of annoyance with the certainly accomplished Richard Dawkins for pronouncing the entire demographic ignorant and lazy.

Here was my next stop, the Irish shop. This time a young man was there along with the other post's young lady. Indeed, they had a few Irish examples of what I'd been seeking, and I asked about the long time proprietor. Oh, she was fine, and gone a lot attending to her Alzheimer's afflicted husband.

Ask and ye shall find, often enough. Bits of light, things in common, and differences that shouldn't be fatal considering all that goes on. Sounds a little Irish.

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