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Opening statement: Ennis the Menace.

He was nicknamed, based on call sign phonetics, the "golden voice of garbage" and "gag, vomit, gag". Mr. Ennis was, I think, a college professor and former preacher. Very former, and very not surprising, for in one repeatedly encountered variation of the true believer fall away he wore atheism much like Penn Jilette.

It was everywhere during his early 80's operation on the ham radio bands, including the lower frequencies in which he'd seemingly run enough power for a strip mall to accommodate his speeches and even, not approved by the FCC, tapes.

He'd run down religion, Reagan, religion, childish behavior by the other hams, ignorance of science, and many social trends. His oft repeated phrase in a crusty and bellicose voice was, "If you want to be an intelligent, well informed individual . . ." Line up with me?

It was surely also the voice he used when someone from India or the region, during one of his shows on the far-carrying low bands, continually was trying to get a break and he admonished the poor fellow with something like "Shut up, Punjabi."

Racial slurs, homophobia, misogyny and other crowning features of an intelligent et cetera individual cropped up during his rants, which I caught on the two-meter band accessible to scanners of the day. Well, the bartering of goody points, and I'm certain the "church of Rome's indulgence" issue crossed a few polemics, frequently emanates from what's atop many stiff necks.

My bad and not the first time in two days: by God, he was an atheist and who more entitled to have leeway with those in agreement?

On the two-meter free speech repeater he didn't carry and was jammed a lot even though a lot of the hams were free thinkers. Hey, he put down rock music.

And "Star Wars".

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