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Life is disheartening, old chum . . .

From taking the parents to Mass for about four years there is a parishioner I encounter here and there and from whom I hear news from that church. Yes, I was a little surprised to hear the high school is putting on "Cabaret" and during prime time Sunday masses the cast files in and a selected song is performed.

Providence? Or our online age reducing coincidences? Different interpretations for things out of the swirl that is within even a rigid, and the "good news" is there are worse, institution: During a search for something unrelated I noted an organization with "Our Lady" in the title has a protest boiling against these performances.

God, always "Our Lady" with this bunch with their hate disguised about as well as with a fake eyeglass/nose/moustache. That parish and play is promoting homosexuality, is key in the rant.

A historian friend, who still goes to some Masses in another parish, tells me "Cabaret" is different as a play compared to the film.

Sunday, due to timing, I found myself fifteen minutes to the last Mass of the day picking up a bulletin for Mom. Around the church the protesters, many of high school age, waved their signs. Big smiles, and honk for family values.
The constant barrage of horns stabbed me far worse than when, in a community band, the massed forces make their first fumble on a difficult piece presented at the beginning of rehearsal.

Family values. A popular student and athlete is coming out of a Catholic youth leadership and rapes a girl also coming from the meeting. No action is taken by the adults after a brief consideration of the girl's charges---"Our Lady" indeed; yes, I'm obvious. Show your Christian love and poop out your time withered insults.

The boy is hailed in the halls while the victim is buffeted. Where would these, "Look at me!" Catholic kids have been?

This did take some years back place between here and Long Beach. But that's from that atheistic, homo sump pit of a press, right?

The tin drums have been supplanted by car horns and the blaze of an internet in which these protesters have lodged their sewer pipe on a, wait for it, electric protest site. Anyone remember how "Cabaret" ends, or even what the actual theme was?

The zombies of Coughlin and Ratzinger stumble through the church of Rome.

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