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Concretely cross-tied.

Later the same (or similar) Friday of the band rehearsal, previous post, I was online listening to some war horses of the symphonic realm and noticed a sidebar picture of the Apocalypse Now poster and a performance of the ride them there Valkyries took, as imagined by Wagner.

First, too many late night comedy monologues: the main shock was YT wasn't throwing so many left turns at me on the sidebars. Such as things related to the one time I watched a video of a slime mold which could outpace most gastropods.

Later yet that same day one of my train boards had a thread commencing called---Apocalypse Now? It seems the railroad is replacing a lot of the once future solution concrete ties (Thoreau's sleepers in a distant incarnation) with good old fashioned wooden ones on a major mountain crossing.

As gondolas laden with the wooden bucks pass him, the poster says he loves the smell of creosote in the morning. That's the material with which the ties are treated and cuts the fire risk down if not out and protects them from moisture.

Moisture which proved to be the undermining of the hype for concrete in this application.

Hey, I'd like to think many things, including my personal favorites, are cosmically connected, ma-a-a-an. But as opposed to the train infrastructure, my alleged concrete evidence doesn't hold as much water as I thought.

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