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Ghost in the ad machine.

I've wanted to have a "block out" sticker made to show a certain scorn for the number 99, as in pricing that will make people think less of springing for the truer rounded number bearing zero's.

The beginning of summer finds me having definitively been told what was once a marvel must be supplanted just as 99.9% of the American populace has done. Make it 100% and live your slogan, Dan, by getting [a] digital television!

The VCR won't release a head cleaner tape, so I've barely used my old Trinitron, ransomed from Goodwill once upon a time. Whatever convoluted season ender "The Mentalist" inflicted on its viewers 0% has reached me. Not going to its IMBD site helps. That, and being bereft of Calendar Section space because it's not about homeland security psychos, vampires or your typical meth cooking school teacher who faces, as they said in the 70's, four-hanky demise.

But I do watch the late night tonsil flapping shows on their web sites via my better presenting computer. I know which shows lock up more often, andalso know which ones show more commercials---monotonous and repeated commercials.

I feel I know Jack by now, that I've been missing what's truly exciting in Target, Disney could make a section of the park dedicated to kitchen accessories and go through the same motions, and that simply using online banking makes you inured from debt worry while enjoying Stuff.

And that I will launch my first raunchy comedy blog of the summer. A nominally manly fellow is on the beach, and is going to light a bonfire preparatory to going inside to visit a certain someone in their tent. Only, it's a Viagra ad and the lighter won't work. Give me a break . . . Out comes the jackknife and a stone. Break not forthcoming.

And that's not the worst of it. These occur each time and only for this commercial: the video freezes momentarily a few times and my tower's fan ramps appreciably up.

I suppose the computer is only trying to keep the Primitive Cool as summer commences.

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