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No southwest passage.

It seems likely, though I wonder if, there is a block by block reference guide to Ventura Boulevard. My favorite section is Van Nuys Blvd. west to Kester Avenue and this half mile contained more interesting establishments now closed than some have open now. My source of cards and novelty gifts simply moved west, though.

Paralleling Ventura to the north is the mighty---by turns slow, frustrating, enervating---one oh one/freeway. Both Kester and Van Nuys pass under it, to no one's surprise, and are bookends for the block as to doing so. But there is no getting from Van Nuys to Kester between Ventura Blvd. and the freeway. No southwest passage. There are other avenues, and homes and condos, and parallel streets, none providing that link.

Saturday morning I found one of my usual free parking spaces off the main drags and went to buy an Uncut Magazine from the newsstand on one big corner. Also to be found were the Forces of the City Streets repaving the westbound Ventura Blvd. coming off Van Nuys. Like rain finding the fissures, cars were all detouring over the smaller streets in the block. I figured it would be a grind getting out for a magazine. Thanks to my ace timing.

And it was so. The two streets with lights which got one back onto Van Nuys were as full as the favorable lights were not holding. I waited through perhaps three light changes, never ceasing to marvel at an impatient public's stodginess to act, and when about three back made a run---another as-if superstition laughed down by the cosmos, prime shopping region---for the walk button.

Thumbs up and smiles from the other drivers. Humanity restored! Community! Great ideas acknowldeged in one's lifetime! But what was this? A father and son showed up and also pushed the walk button.

Okay---predestination! Or pedestrianation? I guess I could take the bow, but they took the walk.

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