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Cloudy with crossed wires likely.

Where have I been for September? Undecided and lazy. In which order, really? We move along here.

But not as readily as usual. A few months ago I acted not on a whim to post about The Cloud. Like the Doomsday Device was pictured by the President and company in "Doctor Starngelove", we think of "it" as a fantasmic entity that could be anything and is way out.

No, I'm sure the little zeros and unos which carry all the stuff beholden to The Cloud reside in various earth bound places.

Which leads me to an entity indeed earthbound and unmysticized: it is a box two dwellings down from mine, next to the curb, which resembles in size and aged corrosion a rerigerator in a bachelor cave. It belings to the company to which I pay my bills and have a suspicion, oh so strange, it affects me.

Two months ago when I considered said post there would be trucks parked by the box affiliated with said company and workmen working its insides. My broadband light on the router would blink red and I would have no access. But all would be well when the workers departed.

Last Wednesday there was a big company truck with a crows' nest, protected by the portable moving arrows parked in the street. The box was open, a man in the crows' nest was working with wires, and my broadband again was out. Well, wonderful; I had a band practice downtown and would come back to find all well.

A few hours later I was back and the truck wasn't. The broadband was in the same company as the truck: gone. So On the 28th---make no mistake, Sunday, the company will come out to have a look.

Meanwhile, this entry is being made in my fine local public library, in which I just heard a Mom, young as she was, telling her child about file drawers, pencils and pieces of paper in the library.

I'm not quite down to old shopping bags or my Dad's old work stationary as I was decades ago, but I got this entry in. Let me make it clear.

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