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Saw Zodiac yesterday...wasn't all that impressed.

The experience reminded me of watching Oliver Stone's JFK. That film was almost all dialogue, mostly consisting of conspiracy theories, half of them voiced in hushed whispers. And they were basically all innuendo, leading nowhere and really not concluding anything.

Zodiac was a lot like that. Now I know that real life is full of ambiguity and uncertainty. I know that some killers (maybe even many) are not caught and that all cases are not solved. But the murky uncertainty of real police work doesn't make for a very good story, but this film was like sitting through a 2 and 1/2 hour Law and Order episode where you never get to the courtroom, and the whole thing consists of the cops (and an amateur cartoonist) trading and mulling over various theories.

It was well-acted and well-directed...but entertaining? Not for me.

I actually thought going in that they were going to fictionalize the Zodiac crimes and the people involved in order to craft a good story. Instead it played out like an art house version of Unsolved Mysteries...the only thing missing the message to "Call this number if you have more information."

I was disappointed because the theatres have been full of dreck lately. I also saw The Number 23 last week, and compared to that pile of dooky Zodiac is a masterpiece...but that's not saying much. Ah well, 300 is coming out next week, so I'll just look forward to that.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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