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Knocked Up
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This movie gets my vote for most overrated film of the summer. It had a few funny moments, and was worth seeing, but it was not the paragon of comedic genius that most of the reviewers and word of mouth has made it out to be. I think people were just starving for a decent comedy.

First of all, I could just never get past the astronomical unlikeliness of a successful, gorgeous, lithe blond working at E! hooking up with (much less falling in love with) an overweight, unshaven, potty-mouthed, jobless stoner with no ambition and freaky housemates. It's an appealing fantasy, but it was just far too absurd and kept me from ever buying any of the semi-serious storyline or dialogue between the two central characters. Most of the sight gags and silly humor was funny, but when the movie tried to be serious or touching in any way whatsoever, it just fell flat on its face.

40 Year-Old Virgin was way better.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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