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Evaluating the SVS So Far
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For those of you that have been reading the Secular Value System stuff so far, thanks for doing so and providing any feedback. It's been very helpful for me to try to get some of this stuff down in a somewhat coherent way.

The basics are there, but they need quite a bit more elaboration and revision. From here on out I'll be posting responses to questions, objections, and special topics. Here are some of the questions that people have either suggested or that I've come up with myself. Feel free to add to the list:

What about happiness (and suffering)?

What about love?

What about violence?

What about property?

What about a sense of wonder?

Who are you to tell me what to value and how to behave?

Aren't you just an Objectivist?

Aren't you just a Libertarian?

What about Buddhism?

What about success?

What about wealth?

Aren't your values and interpretations completely subjective and ad hoc?

What about eating animals?

Aren't you just a Secular Humanist?

Why don't you just kill yourself? What good is living if there is no afterlife?

What about basic needs like food and shelter?

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