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Mos Def and Cornel West on Real Time
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Oh, how I wish they still posted transcripts of Bill Maher's show. As far as I can tell, they don't anymore.

Yesterday Mos Def and Cornel West were on, and it was something else. Among other things, when talking about terrorism, Mos Def said he "didn't believe in that boogey man shit" and that he didn't think Osama bin Laden or al Qaeda were behind the 9/11 attacks. Then he tacked on that he didn't believe we'd actually gone to the moon.

West then expounded on how 400 years of oppression and violence against black people had created an atmosphere of paranoia and distrust. Which I guess he thinks justifies believing in conspiracy theory horseshit.

Oh man, it was three parts stupid and four parts sad. I wish I had the link to the actual words.

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