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Kenny vs. The Pedophiles
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So check this out over at Kenny's blog. A couple of months ago, someone signed up for a JournalScape blog to "promote societal acceptance of intergenerational and youthful love." What does that mean? They basically want to change the laws so it's legal to fuck kids.

Kenny's reaction was:

1) Yuck.
2) I'm not hosting that shit. Leave.

So these broad-minded youth-lovers up and found another place to host their site.

I'm not providing in-text links so they won't get ranked, so you'll have to copy and paste if you want to check out these scumbags. Do so at your own risk...the blog is disturbing and icky, but you can tell they're reasonably intelligent, and they're careful to avoid actually advocating illegal behavior. Also, the site may or may not be up when you try to access it. From the most recent entry, it sounds like they may be targets of denial-of-service attacks. Gee, I wonder why.

Anyway, how exactly did they respond to being booted off JournalScape? They apparently did a little researching on Kenny and put up this gem of a post:

Yes, that's our fearless bloglord, Kenny, looking quite stern (and possibly like he's about to fuck somebody up with that gloved hand). And they posted his address and phone number. The address is a PO Box, so I'm assuming he's safe from Molotov cocktail-wielding pedophiles, though I don't know.

Anyway, here's what these brave revolutionaries posted on their new site:

So when I was in the process of hosting this site, after its predecessor got taken down without warning by Larry Page’s GoogleGoons, it seemed sensible to go out and look for a temporary home for my writings. And when I saw the following from, I could hardly believe my luck (sarcasm)...

"All content posted on through any means is the responsibility and property of the author. does not filter or restrict any content except where required by law, such content is not pre-screened, but reserves the right (but not the obligation) to remove or refuse content".

Along with the following exchange with Kenny:

Kenny (after removing my pages) wrote:

“Hello, I would appreciate you finding
another site for your journal.
Advocating illegal behavior is not allowed”.

Daniel wrote:

“I find it rather offensive that you think I’m advocating illegality. Have you been targeted by perverted-justice? They regularly lie about this kind of thing.

As you probably know, advocating law reform on the basis of already illegal activity being ethical is fully legal, protected free speech. Instructing that illegal behaviour, is illegal. But at no point do I do this. Hence my choosing of your site (see your tos)”.

Kenny wrote:

“That’s amusing. You are offended by _my_ behavior. You’re sick and advocating sex with children who cannot make informed decisions for themselves. Take your perverted and disgusting speech elsewhere”.

Daniel wrote:

“Thanks for expressing your honest motivations. Although you have yourself covered (with the usual vague TOS clause), you do in fact write this right beside it: “ does not filter or restrict any content except where required by law, such content is not pre-screened”. Perhaps you should consider re-writing this, as not to lead advocates of unorthodoxies astray (as you have here).

As I have explained, in no way do I advocate illegal sex with minors. I advocate the concept, and that it be legalised, as was the case for many years in the Netherlands”.

Kenny wrote:

“You forgot the second half of that sentence:
“…but reserves the right (but not the obligation)
to remove or refuse content”".

Daniel wrote:

“Re-read my mail to you, and you will find that I certainly didn’t forget it!

One step after another, etc, etc”.

Kenny, you comported yourself quite well, my man. They're certainly free to voice their opinions, no matter how distasteful, but you're certainly under no obligation to provide them the venue to do so.

I guess you have to anticipate dealing with some of these kinds of issues when you start a blog service. Glad Kenny found them and rightly sent them on their buggering way. I hadn't realized that pedophiles had moved into the neighborhood, but I'm glad they're gone.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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