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Real Time with Bill Maher
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I'm still watching it, but not enjoying it nearly as much as I used to. Maybe conservative and/or independent guests just aren't as willing to come on the show, but this season it has mostly seemed like an echo chamber.

The most recent show opened with an interview of Ken Burns, who has a new documentary airing on PBS about WWII. He talked about how some of the soldiers didn't really understand what they were fighting for until they came upon concentration camps, and then they got it. Maher said he thought soldiers fighting in Iraq would never get what they were fighting for, because they weren't really fighting for anything. I guess all those mass graves dating from Saddam's rule don't matter at all. We were told it was all about WMD! Which means, of course, that nothing else matters.

Anyway, then the panel came out. Bill stated that Congressional approval levels were something like 11%, and suggested that they sucked so hard because people voted for a Democratic Congress to end the war. Rahm Emmanuel, who was horrible throughout the show, gave mealy-mouthed answers about why they couldn't end the war and needed a new President to end the war.

Then, in a segment about how Bill O'Reilly was racially insensitive, Bill Maher says "Let's be honest, [the Republican] voting base is all white rednecks". Apparently the irony was lost on him.

Anyway, they're taking the week off...I hope they use it to find some better guests.

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