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Lucid Dreaming Revisited
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Last night I had my third lucid dream in about as many weeks, since reattempting to induce lucid dreams about a month ago. Unfortunately, all the dreams have been rather short.

The first, and shortest, was actually a flying dream as I jumped out of a jetliner which was hurtling to the ground. I jumped out an open hatch and flew directly upward, but the whole experience lasted only 5-10 seconds of subjective time.

The second involved becoming aware of the dream state while I was in some sort of huge underground train station. I "willed" two women to sing for me in an underground nightclub while I sat in the audience. I'm not sure why I did this. Subjectively, the lucid dream state still does not afford complete's a very strange mental state.

In the one last night I used telekinesis. I unplugged some sort of nightlight from a socket, levitated it across the room, and either put in on a shelf or plugged it into another socket higher up. I also levitated a small dog that ran into the room into the arms of an old lady.

LaBerge suggested spinning or rubbing your hands in a lucid dream in order to prolong it. Assuming I keep having them, I'll try that. I've also read that neuroimaging experiments have not been carried out on lucid dreamers, which would be very interesting. Your prefrontal cortex (where a lot of your high-level reasoning is going on) is usually shut down during dreaming, which helps explain why you don't find the lack of continuity or strangeness very unusual. I would guess that the prefrontal cortex becomes more active during lucid dreams, putting you into some kind of quasi-awake state, which is probably why they are reasonably short and you awake very easily from them.

Anyway, I'm pleased with my ability to replicate lucid dreaming from when I was a teen. I'll keep it up and read up a bit more if I have the chance. It would make for a very interesting, if very difficult, line of research, especially combined with neuroimaging.

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