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Amazon's Kindle, or How to Waste 400+ Bucks
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Amazon just released it's e-book, called Kindle. Guess what? It's only $400! And a library of titles is available for $10 a pop!

I've made bad predictions before (I actually thought Titanic was going to bomb...never underestimate the power of bad taste). But I think it's pretty safe to say this thing is going to tank...hard.

There are a few reasons why I'd want my books stored in an easily-readable electronic format. It'd be nice to be able to quickly search the text of a book. It'd save space and paper.

But there are about a thousand reasons why I wouldn't want to read my books through such a reader. Number one would be cost. Unless the price on this thing plummets to under $50, I just don't see people (myself included), buying it.

I'm no Luddite purist or anything. I love technology. But asking people to fork up $400 up front, while they can imagine the number of books they could buy for that money. I just don't see that the advantages are going to outweigh the disadvantages.

Oh, and did I mention it costs $400?

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