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Young Chimps Better at Memory Task Than Humans
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This is pretty interesting research.

Dr Matsuzawa and colleagues tested three pairs of mother and baby chimpanzees against university students in a memory task involving numbers.

The mothers and their five-year-old offspring had already been taught to "count" from one to nine.

During the experiment, each subject was presented with various numerals from one to nine on a touch screen monitor.

The numbers were then replaced with blank squares and the test subject had to remember which number appeared in which location, then touch the appropriate square.

They found that, in general, the young chimps performed better than their mothers and the adult humans.

I would like to see some comparisons with younger human subjects at this task as well, but these findings are already very interesting. If you follow the first link above, you can see some video of the subjects performing the task. Cool stuff.

I'm taking a course on the evolution of primate cognition next semester. I'm sure this will come up, and since the instructor primarily does research on the topic of theory of mind, there ought to be plenty of interesting material for me to share with you all here.

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