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Survey: Taboo Language
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Active participation time!

I saw that they use QuestionPro, an online survey tool, over at Cognitive Daily to carry out web surveys, and I thought I'd give the free trial a whirl.

So here's the link:
Click Here to take the survey

It should only take a few minutes. It's regarding the use and politeness of taboo words, so if you're offended by the word "fuck", for example, well then I don't know what the hell you're doing reading this blog in the first place.

I guess the range of free features at QuestionPro is pretty nice (for free), although I'm bummed that I can't randomize the questions. So this is pretty informal.

My interest was piqued by the section in Stephen Pinker's new book The Stuff of Thought, regarding the use of taboo words. Hopefully not many of you read my blog entry on that topic, because that will bias the results as well. Still, I'd like as many people as possible to take it.


Read/Post Comments (4)

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