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Penguin, Mammoth, Monkey Show 2- Escape from Alcatraz
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Hi! I am the Penguin. The Star of the show, and the mammoth stole my gobstoppers because he found them in his house and I gave them to him really but now I want them back

I'm the monkey. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

I'm the mammoth and everybody is scared of me and I don't know why. Also, I think that we should get a new star of the show.

I've got an ironclad contract so I'm going to be the star of the show forever. So there!

I'm the monkey. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Everyone is worried that they will accidentally step on me. No, wait, that I will step on them. Ooh. And please, please, please, you little penguin. Stop interrupting me!

Why should I? I'm the star of the show. My best friend is the monkey anyway!

I'm the monkey. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Hi! I am me. I'm a doggie.

I'm the monkey. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

That new dog on this show is silly.

I'm the star of the show!

No. Let me look.

No. My happy dog is happy with me. That's my doggie.

Hey doggie, want to go sledding with me?

No. I'm Simon! Not doggie. My doggie is sad now..

The End

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