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Out, Damned ISP
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Last week Mary and I were occupied with changing our ISP. Our provider for the past eleven years decided to discontinue dial up and, at our house, we can't get DSL or wireless broadband, even if we wanted either of the latter two. No doubt, DSL might offer some amusement but would it make sense for two freelance writers to spend $25 extra a month to watch YouTube videos? (Well, for one freelancer, who writes this blog, to watch YouTube videos...)

Anyway, for us, it was a moot point. We needed to find a new ISP. Of course given our current ISP's lack of customer service it took days to learn this.

Not that the other ISPs we started contacting for options were much better. Considering how many people in this country are out of work I found it offensive to have to speak to a service representative stationed in the Philippines. Not only that, but as confused as I am about Internet technology, it was all but impossible for me to make sense of someone trying to explain wireless routers in broken English.

I'm surprised the ISPs haven't all farmed out their customer service to Brigadoon. It's a long way off and only appears every hundred years. If only they didn't speak English, it would be perfect.

Probably it was just as well we didn't have options beyond dial up right now or we'd still be on hold, or on the line to Timbuktu, trying to sort it all out. We seem to have made the transition -- moved the website, changed email, notified people etc etc. Hopefully we won't have advances in technology nipping at our heels for another year, or decade.

I changed the contacts at JournalScape. Now back to our regularly scheduled programs.

Read/Post Comments (14)

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