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Pollyanna - Metaphysical Whiz Kid
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I want to share with you the story of Pollyanna. Pollyanna tells the tale of a young girl who goes to live with her very wealthy aunt after her father dies. Upon Pollyanna’s arrival, the dispirited people in the town where her aunt lives miraculously become joyful and healthy by simply interacting with the young girl.

Over the years, the term Pollyanna has come to refer to a person who is cheerfully optimistic to the point of naiveté. But this entirely misses the metaphysical point of the story. Pollyanna alters the town, making it happier and healthier, by perceiving it and its people through forgiving and appreciative eyes – or as quantum physics would say, “the observer altering the observed.”

We must all be Pollyanna’s. We must forgive ourselves, forgive ourselves for not knowing sooner, for not getting it right yet, so that we can finally stop beating ourselves up, let go of the past, and relax into the here and now… ‘cause that’s where are power lies.

And we must appreciate what we have. There is magic in this. When we appreciate what we have, what we have appreciates…we literally get more of it.

Let’s risk leaving the fearful, negative, unhealthy tribal thinking we all grew up with. Let’s be positive and raise our consciousness. Thinking positively doesn’t mean we need to wear a silly grin on our face all day long. It simply asks that we put our attention on what is, rather than on what is missing. Nobody ever made anything out of something that wasn’t there. Concentrating on what is wrong or missing is a complete waste of time, and can only lead to disappointment, stress, and ill health. Our attention must be on what is if we are to build a happy, healthy, successful life. This is positive thinking.

And here is the secret and the magic and the sheer common sense of Pollyanna. So, let them call us Pollyanna. She healed an entire town. Maybe we can heal our world and ourselves.

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