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Best. Kitten. Ever.
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Soon, I am going to stop posting disgusting cat entries. Really.

So, we doused the poor kittens in sulphur last night. Marzi was reasonably good -- certainly better than most cats -- though she did managed to give Tim a couple of puncture wounds. But Zanzi . . .

Oh, he is the best kitten ever! I put him in the tub. He sat there. I used both hands to pour the sulphur on the sponge. He waited patiently. I sponged him with bright yellow/orange sulphur solution without holding him down. He let me. I rubbed it over his bright white belly and feet, turning him orange/yellow in those bits. He was relaxed in my hands. I never once had to hold him down, and the only time he jumped out of the tub was when I turned my back on him. Best. Kitten. Ever.

Then, we put both kittens in a big cardboard box with holes cut in and weighted it down so they couldn't get out.

I felt so guilty! Here they were, stinking to high heaven and forced to dry out in a dark cardboard box. When I checked on them later, the interior of the box was steamy warm and the kittens were the kind of damp dry that you get sometimes in the dryer. I let them dry out the rest of the way in the bathroom proper.

The smell wasn't *so* bad. It reminded me of the mineral baths at Harbin Hot Springs. Not that I liked that smell either, mind you, but it's tolerable. The fact that our entire house smells like that and is likely to smell like that for the remaining two months -- TWO MONTHS -- of this treatment is not a fun idea, however.

Tonight, I'm either going home and chilling with my pook or I'm going to the shipping boys's birthday party. I should go to the party, even if it is in the City, but I'm such a hermit these days, it's hard for me to go out *at all* on a school night . . .

Read/Post Comments (6)

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