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Yay Wiscon (short version)
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Tired, but gooey

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Everything I say today seems to be punctuated with "Yay Wiscon!". It's astounding how happy this con makes me. It's the best con, and now some of you finally believe me.

I will try to do a more detailed con report in the next day or two, but I'm far too tired and travel-weary from yesterday's very long day to attempt such a feat. This is just a place holder, where I can enthuse about Wiscon, about the beautiful beautiful people who attend, about how happy I am, how much of a glow it gives me, how I (knock on wood) managed not to catch the Wiscon cold this year, etc.

It's funny, but every year after Wiscon, I feel as if I'm in love with about twenty different people. Sure, some of these might actually be real crushes, but even so everything is so much stronger, feels so much more intense, during and right after Wiscon. Everyone is so funny and attractive and talented and has such witty and intelligent things to say and they're so nice and sweet and so much damn fun to be around, well.... how could I not love them all a little? Is it just that my body doesn't know what to do with such intense feelings and assumes it's love? Or is it simply Wiscon magic?

Mmm, whatever it is, it just feels nice. I'm off to bask.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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