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On a small positive note...
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... I am wearing really cute, green space dyed socks today.

Seriously, I am depressed. I ate too much last night. I feel listless and sad today.

Greg says it the nicest way, I think.

I was torn for a bit this morning between seriously looking into moving to Canada or Europe and putting a bunch of energy into doing something here. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I'm probably not going to move, so now I have a different decision:

Do I put my energy into the increasingly conservative Democratic party that doesn't really reflect my values at all, but is better than the Republicans criminals we currently have in the White House?


Do I figure out how/ where to put my energy towards making a viable -- I mean *really*, truly worthwhile and solid -- third party candidate?

The first one tempts me mainly because of the rumors that Hillary will run. I would love that for so many reasons.

The second one tempts me because I want to feel good when I vote, I want more options, I want politicians who reflect my own beliefs, at least more closely than the ones we have now do.

Of course, this feeling may fade. I may not do anything. Or I may do only a little. But, right now, I see we have four years before the next big election, and lots of little elections between now and then. I want to get off my ass and fucking do something about it.

Read/Post Comments (22)

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