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I haven't posted in awhile mainly because everytime I start to, it turns all political. Not that I'll never do that again or anything, but I did want at least one entry where I just blathered about my life and didn't get all political. So, here it is.

My life this week:

Wake up, shower, coffee, dress go to work.


Come home. Eat dinner. Play Fable. Go to bed.

Repeat (except on Wednesday, when I went to see The Incredibles, which ROCKED).

Yesterday was also an exception. My right eye was achey and had red creeping in from the side. My vision was blurry and I was getting headaches. So I left work early to go see the eye doctor.

I was worried that I was playing too much Fable. This game is so cool that I am completely and utterly addicted. (I also think it helps that I need an escape to a different reality right now.) I play until my hands hurt and then I keep playing until Tim wrenches the controls from my weakened grip.

The doctor laughed and told me, no, it's not from playing too many video games. They're not sure what causes it, it's just an irritation (not an infection), not contagious, here, take these scary eye drops for a week and call me if you're not better then.

Of course, no one can tell me whether or not it's safe to wear my contacts. I mean, I know I shouldn't wear them near the time when the eye drops have been put in, but what about the hours in between? It matters because my glasses give me headaches/ eye strain so bad that if I wear them too long, I'll get a migraine.


I hadn't brought my glasses with me, so after my appointment I was stumbling around, squinting at people trying to see if they were Tim (who kindly said he'd come to pick me up). After deciding he wasn't on the floor I was on, I got in the elevator. A nice old man in there with me said, "Can you press the button? My eyes are dialated." I laughed and told him, "My eyes are dialated AND I don't have my glasses with me, but I'll try." We both hunched over, peering at the buttons until we figured out which was for the lobby.

Thank gods Tim was in the lobby. It was already dark out and I'd forgotten how scary the world is when you can't see. I mean, I might have been able to catch the right bus, but then I'd have had to guess based on how long we'd been moving when my stop was. Gah.

The world looks like a '60's cartoon at night without my glasses/ contacts, all overlapping circles of light.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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