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Playing Dress-up
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Yesterday, while Tim was away at writing group, Susan and I went over to a bridal shop on Grand that does *not* charge to try on gowns. The owner was a very nice older lady who may have had a hearing problem. She kept trying to lift heavy wedding gowns, and I heard one of her saleswomen say more than once, "I told you to let me get those for you." I felt kind of bad because I doubt we're going to buy anything from them, although at the very least I can probably bring in my gown to get it altered there and throw them some business that way.

I did try on one gown that was just lovely on me (if I do say so myself). It was strapless, which is surprising because I have a thing against strapless gowns (nearly 3/4 of the wedding gowns out there are strapless, and more than half the bridesmaids dresses are too). It had a sweetheart neckline and a corset bodice, both of which are flattering for my figure. It's the same size, number-wise, as the gown I have now, except that this one fit like a dream. It did have pink embroidery, which I would prefer in blue, but really, it looked very good. I am sort of tempted to ebay the one I have (which still is far from fitting, mainly because of the abnormally small armholes) and buy this new one, but I think I'll keep trying to lose the weight for now. I can always alter the one I have...

Susan tried on some bridesmaid gowns, all of which looked really good on her. I thought I'd decided on the gown for the bridesmaids, but now I'm considering separates again. Sigh. It didn't help that the place didn't have the one gown I'd decided on... I think seeing that one on her would have helped me be more certain.


Today we got up, had brunch outside because it was a nice day for a change (not so nice that be willing to eat al fresco didn't jump us to the head of the line at the Blackberry Bistro, though!). After brunch, I went to Michael's to get some beads for a project I'm working on, as well as some stuff for the wedding (whoo lighted bridal arch! la do-it-yourself invites!). (By the way, the current issue of Better Homes & Gardens Wedding Magazine has a 25% off your entire order coupon in it, which, if you're like me, makes it worth picking up mutiple copies of.) I spent TWO HOURS in the store, and by the end of it I was going nearly crazy. A cell phone ring tone went off, a familiar tune that gets stuck in your head. Then some kid starts whistling it, high and piercing, over and over again in the crowded store. Somehow, you could not get far enough from this sound for it not to hurt your head. I was stuck in the rubber stamp aisle, aware that this here was a world of crafts I knew very little about and was not nearly as straightforward as I'd always assumed. Plus, they were having a rubber stamp sale (actually, they're having a big ol' sale in general) so a lot of stuff I wanted was sold out. Sigh. I finally decided on some stuff, skipped getting lots of other stuff I was going to acquire (I can go buy another magazine and get it later) and checked out. I was twitchy. I was tired. I was glad to be done.

My rubber stamps are hella cool, though.

I came home, did some more laundry, then sat down and finished the story I'd started only a week ago. How about that! A first draft in one week! I'm pretty durn proud of myself for finishing it so fast. Of course, I now think this story might be complete crap, drivel, pedestrian and boring, but this is only a natural and appropriate revulsion to my own work (that's a paraphrase of William Gibson, btw, I didn't come up with that on my own. But it's so true).

Actually, I hate this story much less than I usually hate my stories, which probably means I should let it sit a few weeks before I revise it so I can have time to hate it, then like it again. It's due at the end of the month, however, so I suppose I shall try to speed the process.

And now I'm sitting here, updating my journal and waiting for this cute, talented man I'm going to marry to finish my dinner in time for Sunday night TV.

Life ain't bad. Ain't bad at all.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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