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In sickness and in art
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I have been battling this... flu? bad cold? mystery illness? for over a week now and I'm about sick of it (har har). The symptoms come and go and vary, making me wonder if I'm fighting more than one thing or a series of things or what. Nausea/ vomiting are probably the worst symptoms, but those are sporadic enough that I keep thinking it's food poisoning or the side-effect of a migraine. Speaking of, I also have bad headaches... but not every day. Stuffed up nose, but not too bad, just slightly annoying, and a mildly sore throat (getting very slowly worse) are my only consistent symptoms. Oh, and body aches, especially my back, but that might be muscle-sprain or something.

I'm sure you're all riveted, reading about my various illnesses. See, this is why I don't update too often sometimes; I loathe being so dull.

Anyway, I'm about ready to stop taking Airborne and Zinc and all these good-for-me things that are fighting it and just let it have me. I'm tired of being slightly ill, and I have this notion that if I just let go and allow myself to be really sick for a few days, I'll get it over with all at once instead of dragging it out over weeks. But I'm not quite there yet, and this sore throat may turn out to be strept and I can get antibiotics... except that our insurance copay went up this year (doubled, actually) and I can't really afford a trip to the doctor, let alone the lab costs for the strept test. So I need to wait and see if I keep getting sicker before I plunk down a day's pay to see a hurried, slightly inept doctor for drugs that might work, maybe.

Hi, I'm cheery, aren't I?

Life has, despite the above, been pretty good lately. I did my taxes on Saturday and I should get back enough to pay for a wedding photographer, yay!

I'm working on art projects for Wiscon (yes, I'm really doing the art show this year, dammit, I already have pieces), some of which are unexpectedly lovely and will hopefully sell and make Wiscon affordable. I can't really charge enough for these things to make back my time, but since I do them sitting in front of the TV and I really enjoy doing it, I don't mind so much.

It reminds me of my college days, when Shel and I would sit on my front porch and make stained glass candle holders to sell at Phish shows. Those candle holders, plus my hippie wear (sun shirts and funky hats) and Shel's Coke-a-cola sales financed the entire trip, and we had so much fun doing it. I love using my art to pay for fun experiences, and I'm glad I finally stumbled upon an art that is appropriate for SF conventions. Now I just need to make enough so that I'm willing to part with some of them.

Anyway, I should go to bed, I just wanted to check in here and say hi. So, hi!

Read/Post Comments (5)

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