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Bead it
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This week, I must resist the siren call of WoW (that's World of Warcraft for those of you not ensared) and, instead, work on my beading. It hit me sometime Sunday that I have less than two weeks until Wiscon and the Wiscon art show, and I am far from finished with my projects. Ack!

Many many of them are nearly done. An incomplete list of what I have yet to do:

  • I have to make the butterfly barrettes so they don't snag hair (this involves fancy craft glue and the open air of the backyard so I don't pass out).

  • I have to turn the one dragonfly I haven't given away into a pin or a barrette or decide to leave it as sculpture.

  • I need to decide whether to leave the rose as a single long stem or to cut it off and make into a very fancy, rather heavy, barrette or pin.

  • I need to wind the ghost orchid around the branch and make roots for it.

  • I need to at least practice mounting the bonsai trees on their rocks, even if I'm shipping them seperately, and I need to finish my "moonlight" bonsai.

  • I need to make leaves for the spring bouquet and I really ought to finish the tulip so the iris and daffodil don't look so sad by themselves.

  • I need to find vases or containers that don't weigh a ton and/or won't break in my luggage.

  • I need to figure out if I'm going to provide containers/ boxes for these things (especially the jewelry) and I need to print up care cards so people know how to clean them.

  • I need to figure out how much to charge. It's pretty obvious I can't charge what they're worth, in terms of hours and hours spent, but I would like to at least make more than the materials cost me.

  • I need to finish the fairy, which I'm making up as I go along but so far is looking like it might turn out really cool, very much a "star piece" of the collection. Fairy finished and very cool! Now I must buy a doll stand so she'll not list to one side, and convince myself I can part with her.... meh.

  • I need to fix one of the hummingbirds so it doesn't look like it was stepped on and make a trumpet flower for it to "feed" on.

  • I need to lay it all out and decide how I'm going to present all this at the art show before I get there.

  • Oh, and I really need to photograph all of this before the art show so I can use the images for a a portfolio/ webpage of my work. I'm hoping to post the webpage just before I leave so those of you not going to Wiscon can see what I'm nattering on about :-)

Ideally, I'll finish all this by Sunday and I can ship most of these heavy, possibly lethal (in the eyes of airport security) objects via UPS 3-day next week so Tim doesn't have to lug heavy things through the airport, getting needlessly grumpy at me despite his love.

I'm trying not to think about lugging it all back home again if it doesn't sell. I just hope I price them ok.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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