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Five Weird Habits o' Mine
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I was tagged by Rob for this meme. Thanks! However, I'm not tagging anyone else as I'd hate to leave someone out or tag someone and have them spurn me. If you're reading this, and you'd like to play, consider yourself tagged.

1. I am incredibly picky about food. If I think something has been in the 'fridge too long, or that it might possibly have gone bad, I won't eat it. I'll let someone less picky than I am decide to eat it, and I'll watch them consume it, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'll then also consume it (though sometimes I will). I don't trust even my own sniff test. I think this comes from having a pretty delicate stomach that gets food poisoning too easily.

2. I am possesive of water. You'd think I was living in a Dune novel. I like my big glass (yes, I have a favorite water glass) of cold, filtered water, and I'll glare at you if you ask for a sip. Get your own! I don't like to think of someone else's backwash in my pristine glass of water. Tim is still learning this one the hard way, although I do occasionally allow him a sip (he claims I glare, though).

3. I will not seal an envelope until right before I put it in the mailbox. This is sometimes practical -- it let me put a $0.02 stamp on my SASE for my Polyphony 6 sub recently -- and sometimes this is annoying as hell (such as when we mailed wedding invites, thank yous and other mass mailings). I get this from my mom, as I do #5 below.

4. I don't trust anyone else to carry fragile or delicate items of mine. I don't trust people in coffee shops not to spill their beverages on my laptop. I will let Tim carry my laptop, but it took awhile before I felt comfortable about it. I hope I'm not like this when we have a baby, though!

5. I can't stand it when the tines of a fork I'm using are not perfectly even. The uneven tines push funny against my lips when I'm eating, and it just drives me batshit. You may notice me picking up forks and peering critically at the row of tines; I'm just checking to make sure it's an acceptable fork.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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