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Go Housie Go!
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More good news for Housie! "Single White Farmhouse" made the Locus Recommended Reading List! Hot diggity damn! Lots of fine company on the list this year, including not one but TWO Flytrap stories: "The Belt" by Theodora Goss and "On the Blindside" by Sonya Taaffe. And, of course, Tim's on the first novel list with his brilliant The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl. This means we'll all be on the drop-down list when it comes time to vote on the Locus Awards. Not that I expect to win, but it's nice to get my name out there :-)

I've been writing. I tried to whip out an experimental piece for an invite antho, but I ended up with either three good beginnings or three interesting vignettes or half of an experimental story. I think it's any of those three, depending on what I do with it. I ended up sending them something that's older, but solid, polished and revised into something resembling a finished form (we never finish stories, just abandon them). One of these beginnings I'm really into, and I think I'll have to keep writing on that one and make it into a longer piece.

It's nice to be writing regularly.

I've also been working out regularly. Started back doing yoga and oof! I mean, we've been doing cardio for six weeks now and we're both improving, feeling good after doing it, stretching well before and afterwards, adding more minutes, going faster, etc. And I can totally feel my metabolism kick in and stay high for a few days after a really intense cardio workout. I was talking to a friend about this, how damn *good* it feels to be honestly hungry after a workout, how you can feel your body asking for fuel, and responding when you feed it. It makes the body make more sense, makes me feel more connected to it.

But yoga is where I learn just how sadly out of shape I am. Last week was all this balancing stuff, which was distressing in the number of times I wiggled or fell over and how much it hurt my feet and ankles (we did one leg at a time, and by the end my joints were screaming from all the pressure on them). This week we did downward-facing dogs, and my wrists were the ones screaming. I almost cried; I wanted to, it hurt so bad, but I just got down in child's pose and did some breathing. Well, for a little while; I had come late and got the smelly mat out of the bin, so I had to spread my towel over it and not breathe too deeply. Next week, I'm dragging my own mat to the gym (even though that means dragging it from Oakland, into San Francisco, up to Berkeley and back to Oakland again) so I don't get stuck in the miasma of someone else's old B.O.. Anyway, the balancing we did was much easier, so I'm already seeing improvements.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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