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Of vegetables and butterflies
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Lovely, lovely weekend, why must you leave?

What'd I do? Watched The Wire on DVD, which is even awesomer in the second season than in the first -- addictive, but not to the point where we're chain-watching them uncontrollably, you know? I woke up early on Saturday and decided to make a big change, convinced Tim to walk down to the Grand Lake area and hang out while I worked on things. We went to the Farmer's Market where I bought veggies that looked good (I have a new cookbook: Vegetables, by Alice Waters, and it's cool because it has several recipes for each veggie -- fattening to simple and healthy ones. Very handy and tasty!).

I ended up doing an instance on WoW with some of my guildies Saturday afternoon, which was fun. Of course, the weather turned beautiful about halfway through, which always makes me antsy when I'm indoors. Got outside some later.

That evening Tim and I cooked, frollicked and generally enjoyed one another's company. He's leaving in less than a week for Blue Heaven (a 10 day workshop in Ohio of all places... on an *island* in Ohio) and I'm trying to spend as much time with him as possible because I'm going to miss the hell out of him. I mean, he's going to be having a hell of a good time with some our favorite peeps (hi peeps!) while I'm stuck at home with the cats. I am *so glad* my sister and nephew moved into the basement apartment here, though -- I get to hang out with them a lot while Tim's gone, so it'll definitely help keep loneliness away. I'm also making plans where I can -- I think my coworker Bekah is going to take me rock climbing, which should be way fun (don't worry, Mom, it's in a gym with safety harnesses and everything). So it won't be horrible, but I'll still miss Tim a lot.

Today I woke up in a bad mood. I did laundry until Tim dragged me to the park, where I proofed Flytrap a bit, then we went for a walk along our favorite creek. Green does me good, as I've said before. We also stopped and watched a yellowtail butterfly feed on purple flowers for about 10 minutes, the sun warming our backs, the loveliness filling our eyes. Very nice. Home to fajitas and margaritas (yay, maragarita weather!) and my pook.

Did I mention I'm going to miss him?

I'll do the alphabet meme (Haddayr gave me the letter "k") soonish. I'm just trying to come up with ten "K" words that don't include "Klingon", you know?

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