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End of the year
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I don't know what it is with holidays and me this year. I mean, my spirit has been cheerier than last year, but I had a bad cold on Xmas and now, on New Year's Eve, I have... Gah, what to call it? Achey body centered on out-of-whack neck, with serious stomach complaints (it's one of those where I'm so nauseaous I don't feel hungry, but then I get weak from not eating... yeah). Meh. Since it's all very physical -- that is, I think it's all due to pulled muscles and not catchable bugs -- I'm going to pull it together to go to a party tonight. I'm seriously looking forward to the party, so hopefully spirit will win out.

Anyway, people all over the blogosphere are reflecting on the past year, and I like that. Here are some things about my past year:

  • Got to read at City Lights on Valentine's Day for the Homewrecker anthology, which was just so cool.
  • Went to Wiscon.
  • Went to WorldCon
  • For that matter, went to Apple Expo, APE, one I'm blanking on the name of and ComicCon too, all these on the company dime (though only ComicCon was out of town).
  • Got a kitten, pretty much on a whim, much to the dismay of our other two cats (especially Zanzibar).
  • Saw publication of my story "Mountain, Man" first in the Ratbastard's chapbook and then on Escape Pod.
  • Got my first year's best reprint, in Year's Best Fantasy 6, and my second soon after in Best Paranormal Romance, both for "Single White Farmhouse".
  • "SWF" also listed on the Locus Recommended Reading List.
  • "SWF" also podcast on Escape Pod on their one-year anniversary.
  • Went home to Indiana for the first time in 5 years and got to see lots of old friends. Went up to Chicago to see my Uncle Jimmy and the King Tut exhibit.
  • Went to my first porn movie premier for "Superfreak". Surreal, but fun.
  • Wrote "The Christmas Mummy" with Tim for our holiday chapbook, which is probably my favorite yet.
  • Wrote "The Little M8ch Girl", but haven't typed it in yet.
  • Finally revised "Immolation" and sent it out.
  • Got more done on my novel, though admitedly not as much as I would've liked. It's all typed in now, and almost ready for first readers.
  • Wrote a bunch of short-shorts with Tim and Greg.
  • Learned that there are really only 85 people in all of San Francisco.

I'm sure I could make the list longer, but sore neck and all that. Those are the major events that I can recall. Whee!

Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

Read/Post Comments (4)

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