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Update on writing
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Wow. I thought I'd be better about updating this, but apparently I'm not. Usually I'd feel bad but right now I'm too tired to feel bad about it. So there :-)

Some writing stuff I keep forgetting to mention here along with everything else. First of all, my very first chapbook/ collection is printed! YAY! It wasn't until I held its bright green covered goodness in my hands that it really hit me how very *cool* it is to have one's own chapbook! We'll have it at Wiscon (looks like at the Small Beer table, the Wheatland Press table and the Electric Velocipede table!), but if you're not going to be there, you can order When We Were Six here.

And, yes! I'll be at Wiscon! Yay! I'm doing a reading with Jenn Reese, Sarah Prineas and Kat Beyer on Saturday at 1PM in Conference Room 2? I think? Check your schedules! It's a YA reading, which means it should be kid-friendly unless I go and read the sex scene from my YA novel (which I probably won't, let's be real). I'm really honored to be reading with such wonderful writers; it should be an entertaining time!

Speaking of Wiscon, I've been sneaking onto people's comment boards and chiming in about the dressy dessert function, whining that the dress I bought months ago no longer fits over my pregnant self. Well, I managed a work-around, so I have achieved dress! To celebrate, I bought matching shoes! I might not stay in the get-up much past the banquet, though, because it's *really* tight and uncomfortable, but what the hell.

Why yes, I am crazy.

One thing I think I've forgotten to mention is that I'm going to the Blue Heaven novel-writing workshop in June! Soooo excited! A week on an island in Ohio (Lake Erie, stop looking at me like that) with a group of talented novelists, with nothing to do but crit one another's work and hang out! It sounds blissful. I only wish Tim were going this year as well; I'm going to miss the hell out of him.

I am completely terrified of having my own novel critted, though, but I'll live. Lord knows it needs it.

Reading novels critically has made it hard to read for fun, though. I keep reaching for a pen everytime I spot an inconsistency, or have questions for the author. I seriously doubt Diana Gabaldon (whose Outlander series I'm reading now) really wants my feedback at this point, but the urge is there.

I think that's it, writing-wise.

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